The Benefits of Sharing

by karlyn on September 21, 2011

A few weeks back, I posted an article on .eduGuru called The Psychology of Sharing about a study conducted by the New York Times about why people share content online. You can download the full results on their website.

One of the small details that I thought was the most interesting about the study was that 73% of respondents said that they process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it, and 85% of respondents said that reading other people’s responses helps them understand and process information and events. One participant said the following:

“Sharing information helps me do my job. I remember products and information sources better when I share them and am more likely to use them.”

I just started teaching a class on social media at Southern New Hampshire University, and already I’m hearing students talk of employers banning the use of social media at work. I sincerely hope that some day they will wake up and realize that social media makes people better at what they do, and that fighting it will only drive off some of the most promising employees you have.

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